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The War Memorial

War memorial

The Second World War 1939-45

On 11th April 1948 a dedication service was held to mark the addition of thirteen new names to the War Memorial. They were:-

Aircraftsman 2nd Class George A. Bell of the RAF Volunteer Reserve, who died in Singapore on 19th December 1944, aged 23. His parents were George and Mary Bell of Bridge of Marnoch - his father was gamekeeper at Corniehaugh.

Flight Sargeant Alexander T. Coutts of  RAF 228 Squadron.. He was Mentioned in Dispatches and died on 6th January 1944, aged 20, when the Sunderland Flying Boat he was wireless operator on, crashed in the Bay of Biscay - in Spanish territorial waters. He trained at Cranwell and normally flew with pilot Walter Hammond, but on his last flight he was flying with a different crew. "Sandy" was brought up at Bruckles as a ward of Alexander Stephen and Mary Ann Coutts.

Captain Robert A. Gordon M.A. of the Royal Signals, died of wounds in France on 12th September 1944, aged 25. (St. Desir) He was the second son of Alexander and Elsie Gordon of Milltown.

George HayPrivate George Hay of the 1st Battalion, Gordon Highlanders, died on 4th June 1940, aged 28. The 1st Battalion was part of the Highland Division left in France after Dunkirk to show solidarity with the French.
A few escaped but many of the survivors were taken prisoner at St. Valery.
During a successful but ultimately futile attack led by the Gordons' on the Grand Bois near Abbeville in France, George Hay was involved in capturing some Germans; but one of them had a hand grenade in his pocket and it was thrown and exploded killing him and wounding five others.  "Doddie" had been with the Territorials in India before the war. His parents were James and Jean Hay of Moss-side, Hassiehillock.

Pilot Officer James F. Mackie of the RAF Volunteer Reserve died on 20th August 1942, aged 28, when his Boulton Paul Defiant crash landed in the sea close to Aberdeen beach. He was trapped and drowned. His parents were James and Isabella Mackie of Woodside.

Private James Mennie of the 2nd Battalion, Gordon Highlanders, died in Singapore on 19th December 1944, aged 31. He was a son of James and Elsie Mennie of Clashman Hillock.

Private William M. Mennie of the 2nd Battalion, Gordon Highlanders, died on 11th December 1943. aged 26. (Kanchanaburi) He was a son of James and Elsie Mennie.

Allan L. Mitchell

Private John A. Moggach of the 2nd Battalion, Gordon Highlanders, was captured by the Japanese in Singapore and died in a P.O.W. camp on 1st June 1943. aged 27. (Kanchanaburi) He was a son of John and Helen Moggach.

Fusilier Donald Reid was in "C" Company of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers. He went to France in April/May 1940, and was reported missing shortly afterwards on 23rd May 1940. He was a son of Alexander and Margaret Reid of Tarryblake. His father was a gamekeeper.
The RSF were in France from 1939 as part of the British Expeditionary Force. In May 1940 they were ordered to stand-fast and defend ground along the Ypres- Comines Canal, just outside Ypres, enabling other troops to withdraw from Dunkirk. After a gallant defence they were over-run by the Germans. The remaining men were evacuated at Dunkirk, arriving back around the 15th of June.

Private Ian Alexander Smith of the 5/7th Battalion, Gordon Highlanders, died on 9th November 1940 and is buried at Grange.

William Smith died of a head injury received accidentially in Aberdeen.

Sapper Alexander Sutherland of the Royal Engineers, died at Portsmouth on 12th July 1943, aged 24. He was a son of David and Isabella Sutherland of Moss-side croft.

Private James Thomson of the Corps. of Military Police died on 16th March 1943, aged 37, from septicaemia contracted as a result of cutting his finger on a "bully beef" tin. He was a son of William and Elizabeth Thomson of Woodlands, husband of Jeannie Ann Thomson..

Wartime friends

NOTE:- This list has been assembled from multiple sources and  is as accurate as possible given the limited information available. If you have further information or corrections, or can fill in any gaps, please let me know.