Winter weather

Snowfall on the river

Snow falls in the river at the Otter Stone

Normally I wouldn’t attempt to photograph snow falling in twilight but this image invokes some feeling for the current weather conditions.

Winter has come early this year. It appears that our share of the effects of global warming is more rain in summer and more unpredictable weather events like this one.

“…like the snow falls in the river, A moment white – then melts for ever”  R. Burns


3 thoughts on “Winter weather

  1. Will Post author

    This was taken from the Waterside Road, Rothiemay, looking towards the Otter Stone in the river and Burnfield Farm in the distance.
    The road in the header picture is at Milltories (near the Craws-taes).

  2. john

    The craws-taes we went picking raspberries there,I don’t know if you were there? I was thinking of the waterside road and I remember the time when driving the old albion larry with no power steering .I met a larry on that right hand bend above the river Isla at white stones. That road is very narrow , that hedge so you cannot see round and a drop down to the river. I don’t think I realised at the time how close a shave that was!!


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