Rothiemay: Stone Circle

Traces of flint tool working by Stone Age people have been found at Inchcorsie and Clashmanhillock.

The activities of Bronze Age people in the area are marked by a number of round cairns on the surrounding hills e.g. the Cairns of Geith, Kemp's Cairn, the Conjure Cairn  and the Cat Cairns.

The Circle of Stones

In the middle of a field at Mains of Rothiemay stands the remains of a large recumbent stone circle - a type characteristic of the central North East. Originally the circle was about 24m.(80 feet) in diameter and it is estimated that it had 12 stones. Five of the stones remain including the huge recumbent block . The flankers on each side of this stone and some of the other stones forming the circle have disappeared. The main stone and one of the pillar stones are covered with cup markings - some with surrounding rings. The purpose of these markings is likely to remain uncertain.